University Foundation Programme

Entry into top UK universities, with a wide range of subject choices.

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Designed specifically for high achieving international students, the
University Foundation Programme (UFP) acts as a bridge from students’ high school education in their own country to university in the UK.

At Guildhouse School we offer UFP starting in September and January.


The UFP recognises the specific academic challenges that International students face and uses assessment strategies that offer the best opportunities to demonstrate a student’s academic level and potential. Students each choose three academic subjects with exams at the end of the qualification. In addition, all students attend English classes designed to develop their English skills for university.  

Final UFP grades are determined by exams as well as a significant amount of coursework which simulates the structure of most UK university courses.  

Choosing a subject combination is important as universities look for students that have good grades in the right subjects. We work intensively with each student choose the best combination to help achieve their university and career aspirations. 


95% of the Russell Group universities have accepted our students †


50% of students who studied Business achieved an A* or A in 2023


43% of students who studied economics achieved an A* or A in 2023

† Over the last 10 years from those universities who accept the CATS UFP

UFP Attributes

Gain an accredited qualification accepted by 95 of the 100 top UK universities

Unlock progressing to a UK or international university

Develop skills needed to succeed at university with a focus on improved capacity to learn with confidence and independence

Improved English language fluency and proficiency

Develop the foundation knowledge needed to study a specific subject at undergraduate level

Experience life at an international school and prepare for life at a UK university

Subject Choice and Structure

UFP students select one subject from each block – up to a maximum of three subjects. Non-native speakers will also study English as a Second Language:

January Start Subjects

Block A
Block B
Block C


“Studying in London was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The staff are always able to help you; it was really great to study in such a supportive school!”

Manuela from Brazil went on to study Fashion Buying and Merchandising at the University of the Arts London

Questions about UFP

Students take examinations in each subject at the end of the year with results published soon after. To ensure students are well prepared they also take part in mock exams so that teachers can help identify any areas where there may be difficulties. English is tested through an IELTS examination.

Most subjects have 30% coursework which is written or practical work completed throughout the year and counts towards the overall grade.

▪ have an accredited qualification accepted by 95 of the 100 top UK universities;
▪ have developed as an independent learner;
▪ have improved your English language fluency and proficiency;
▪ have the foundation needed for undergraduate study in your chosen subject.

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