Empowering Every Student to Achieve Their Best Academic Outcome

Through identifying an individual’s academic needs and aspirations, and immersing them in a culture that incubates creativity, and ambition our students develop a better understanding of their own potential and become the change makers they need to be.  

By empowering students to become self-assured and confident to seize opportunities, Guildhouse School students always stand out from their peers.

Immersive English

Guildhouse School is a fully immersive English environment. All school life, including lessons, is conducted in English, giving every student the opportunity to master the language in both academic and social settings. Our immersive education style nurtures every student to build knowledge, become resilient and achieve the best outcomes in life. 

Subject Support 

Guildhouse School teachers are there to help students progress with their studies. Students regularly engage with their teachers to assess their progress and if extra subject specific support is needed additional sessions outside of usual lesson times in one-to-one or small groups can be made available.  

Additional Learning Support

Additional Learning Support (ALS) is available to offer bespoke support, so all students realise their full potential. Guildhouse is an environment where students are encouraged to highlight any additional learning challenges they may have. Our teachers also monitor for indicators of any challenges a student may have in their own learning. Our in-house ALS team can provide assessments within the school and offer personalised support including one-to-one sessions and tailored examination arrangements.  

Support for High Performing Students

Students who have strong English and academic ability are given a full range of extra activities and options. We give high performing students opportunities to lead sessions in class, have additional tasks, and access an extensive range of extra options including online university courses and Leadership Awards. 

Celebrating Success

All students completing their course at Guildhouse School are invited to attend our Graduation Ceremony along with their closest family members every August. The ceremony is a wonderful way to say farewell and have a formal end to the year. 

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