University Success

Achieving the best academic outcomes

At Guildhouse School we understand that attending a top UK university is a dream of many. To give our students the best advantage when applying to university, we have developed an enhanced package of application support that ensures students are fully prepared for admissions interviews, produce the best personal statement and feel confident in their application. 

22 out of 24

We’ve sent students to 22 out of the 24 Russel Group universities*

*between 2012-2021


conditional progression agreements with UK universities

How We Achieve the best academic Outcomes

Personal Statement

Personal Tutors (PTs) have extensive experience of university admissions and know what will make a student’s application stand out. PTs dedicate time to getting to know each student and their interests to ensure their personal statement is the best reflection of them as an individual.

University Visits

Universities from around the world visit Guildhouse School throughout the year to present their course offerings and give students the chance to ask any questions they might have

Open Days

It is important that students know as much as possible about the universities they are applying to. We support students to attend open days so they can get the best insight into their chosen university and decide if they feel that it is the right destination for them.

University Progression Team

Our Progression Team are always on hand to answer any questions and provide advice on the university process. The Progression Team comprises of Higher Education Counsellors (HECs) and an Academic Counsellor (AC) who are dedicated to supporting and guiding Guildhouse School students through their university applications.


Higher Education Counsellors

Students are allocated a specific Higher Education Counsellors (HECs) who works with them to ensure their applications are completed to the highest possible standard and correctly submitted. The Guildhouse School HECs organise higher education lessons and workshops, organise external speakers and university visits, and oversee the university application process. 


Our Academic Counsellor (AC) is responsible for supporting students with additional academic requirements specific to the course they are applying to study. The AC oversees preparation for university entrance exams including the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT), UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT), the Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT) and Oxbridge additional tests along with organising work experience and practice interviews. The AC also oversees and monitors the AQA Extended Project Qualification.

Christopher Cernuschi

Assistant Head (Projects and Outcomes)

“My proudest moment is always results day – when you see students fulfil their goals and move onto the next step in their educational journey!”

Support for Key Professions

For students wishing to pursue a degree in a competitive field such as law, finance, medicine, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM), or apply to Oxbridge we offer additional tailored support: 


Local Lectures

We encourage students to attend lectures at London’s universities and other institutions. This will build on existing subject knowledge, allowing students to explore subjects outside of the curriculum and hear directly from experts.

University exam preparation

We offer support with specialist classes on the BMAT, UKCAT, LNAT and Oxbridge admissions exams. We are also a Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Centre, meaning that we can offer extra support if you want to sit American entrance exams.

Practice Interviews

Are used by many top UK universities as part of their selection process. We provide practice interviews tailored to the specific style of the students’ prospective university. These are held with staff experienced in admissions so that students can develop their interview skills and feel confident they can give the best interview possible.

Work Experience and Volunteering

Is beneficial to candidates for any degree course as it demonstrates the student’s willingness and ability to contribute beyond the school. Work Experience and Volunteering is essential for students applying to study on a medical degree course.

Extended Project

Is an internally supervised competitive independent research project where prizes are awarded for the best final project. The Extended Project assists students in developing research skills and provides evidence of going beyond the curriculum for use on their university application.

Links with external organisations

We have strong links with a range of successful London businesses, allowing students to learn outside the classroom and connect with industry professionals. Some of our links include hospitals (Imperial College Healthcare, Chelsea and Westminster, and St George’s), law institutions (the Old Bailey and the Supreme Court), and government (City Hall and the Palace of Westminster).

Extra-curricular activities

We offer a range of different extra opportunities designed to stretch student knowledge and interests, including science competitions, mathematics Challenges, business incubators and more.  

Guildhouse University Fair and Oxbridge Admissions Events

Guildhouse School students have access to our exclusive University Fair which is attended by universities including the University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics, Imperial College of London, as well as world-leading US and Canadian universities. This event gives students a valuable opportunity to talk directly to university admissions teams about their degree programmes, campuses, and specific entry criteria.

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