Students Enjoy Edinburgh Trip Over A Fun-Filled Four Days.

Recently our students journeyed up to Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh, where they spent a few immersive days learning all about the city’s rich history.

The First Day

Starting in London, they hopped on a train at Euston station to make the five-hour trip up to Edinburgh. Students passed the time chatting away with friends and taking in the scenery, which included passing the Glenfinnan Viaduct. This structure is known globally as being part of the route the Hogwarts Express takes in the Harry Potter Films.

After arriving in Edinburgh our students set about exploring the wonderful city straight away. They began their exploration in the Old Town, traversing down the cobbled streets, between tall buildings and narrow alleyways. Filled with shops selling all sorts of mementos and gifts, The Old Town is the most historic part of Edinburgh and has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1995. As well as being home to lots of shops and tours, it’s where the Royal Mile can be found and Edinburgh Castle

A day of exploring certainly worked up an appetite. Students closed off their first day in Edinburgh at a local restaurant where they sampled the local cuisine. Whilst not much different from the typical British food students have grown accustomed to while living in London, there was something new on the menu. Lots of our students tried haggis, which is a dish very unique to Scotland. Haggis is made from sheep liver, heart and lungs that are seasoned well and wrapped in a casing, it got some mixed reviews and our students liked the adventure of trying something new.  

Edinburgh's History

The next day students climbed to the top of the hill where Edinburgh Castle stands. They got to tour the grounds, taking in the sights around and within the castle, including the Scottish Crown Jewels and the Stone of Destiny. This is an ancient Scottish Relic that has been used in the inauguration of monarchs for centuries. Students learnt all about this and more about the Castle’s long, long history. After a morning exploring the Castle, a guide showed students around The Old Town’s best spots and told them all about the place’s history, including the spooky underground vaults that exist beneath the city.

The Scottish Highlands

By the third day, the students were excited to take a break from the city and soak in the country air. Hopping onto a big bus they headed into the Scottish Highlands with Alistar, our helpful guide who shared lots of information about Glencoe, Loch Ness and all the other wonderful sights we saw.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, our students we’re unable to catch a glimpse of the famous Loch Ness Monster. Although they did meet some very friendly highland cows, which more than made up for it.

They were so tired but happy when they got back to Edinburgh. They spent one last morning there, soaking up the sights and sounds, before catching the train back to London.

The trip was amazing, and they all had such a great time exploring Edinburgh and the beautiful Scottish countryside.

Where Change Makers Are Made

Exciting trips like this give our student a rich and varied school experience both inside and out of the classroom, helping shape them into the change makers of tomorrow.