A Day Out To Die For: Guildhouse Students at The L’Oréal Young Scientists Centre 

In December 23 A Level Biology students from Guildhouse School London attended a forensic science workshop at The Royal Institution. Instead of a listening to a lecture with activities scattered in as many education trips are, students found themselves at a murder scene.  

Even more exciting was the fact they were the forensic scientists tasked with solving the case. 

Murder at The Royal Institution

In this workshop, ran by the L’Oréal Young Scientist Centre, students learned the basics behind forensic applications of DNA, and how scientists use this to solve crimes. After learning these basic principles, a crime scene was revealed. Our students suddenly had to use their freshly learnt skills as they set out to solve the gruesome murder before them. 

With only four hours to crack the case, our students immersed themselves in the world of genetics and forensic science in order to catch the killer. With the clock ticking, the game was afoot 

Getting to Work

The forensic workshop’s hands-on approach allowed students to apply the theoretical knowledge from their A Level Biology studies in a real-world setting. They employed skills not encountered in the curriculum too. This included a handful of advanced molecular biology techniques like restriction digests and gel electrophoresis to analyse the suspects DNA  

Solving a murder was perhaps the most exciting revision technique our students have used. Not only was it great for helping to embed their learning, but it also gave an inspiring glimpse into how the things our students are learning today could be applied in real world situations. It was an eye-opening day for Guildhouse School students and an experience they won’t forget. 


We fostered our students’ interest in the field of forensic science. In the future, some may even look towards careers in this area. Forensics is a highly competitive field of study and experiences like this one give our students and edge to their university applications. 

The workshop was a resounding success, leaving a murderer behind bars and our students with a deeper understanding of genetics, a heightened interest in forensic science, and a memorable experience that complemented their academic pursuits.  

Where Change Makers Are Made

The chance to engage with learning in new and exciting ways is a key part of what makes Guildhouse School students so happy, successful, and excited to learn. This attitude nurtures their inquisitive minds and sets them up to be the change makers we know they can be.