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Guildhouse Business Students Get An Investment Banking Masterclass

At the end of last year Guildhouse School hosted an engaging and informative workshop on investment banking for our University Foundation Programme and A Level students. The session was part of our series of talks and workshops to support students interested in the world of business and finance.

The workshop was run by two current investment bankers – Yousuf and Muhammad – who both work at an established investment firm in London. They offered insight into the way that investment banks are run as well as a deeper understanding of their roles within their company.

Guildhouse Students host an Investment Banking Talk

Understanding Investment Banking

The session covered the structure of an investment bank, explaining the various departments and their functions and also outlined the systematic thinking and analysis conducted by bankers and financial analysts behind acquisitions and mergers. The workshop provided detailed insight into investment banking practices and procedures that deepened our students’ understanding, complimenting their academic studies.

They also shared the importance of soft professional skills for those in the financial sector, such as communication and negotiation. Their comments were a useful reminder on the necessary balance of technical knowledge and skills with soft skills for career success.

Following the workshop, Yousuf and Muhammad answered students’ questions about investment banking, financial careers and the sector in general. Students asked about the skillset required to work in the ‘private’ and ‘public’ side of an investment bank, tips for coping with long hours and how to stand out at interviews. The considered answers provided useful career and professional advice for students considering financial and business careers.

“Workshops like this one from such a well-regarded firm on an advanced subject like investment banking can be just what some students need to spark their interest in a particular sector. Hearing about the experiences of those in the industry is vital for our students to make their own choices regarding their futures and we’re very pleased to have been able to collaborate with those actively working in investment banking.”

Christopher Cernuschi,
Assistant Principal Projects and Outcomes

The session has inspired students to conduct further research into the workshop’s topics as part of their studies and career planning. Many Guildhouse School students pursue careers in business and finance; this workshop provides our current cohort with a head-start in exploring investment banking as a career path. Talks and workshops like this one are designed to give students the curiosity to explore the world of business and finance further – so they may be able to see their own place in it.

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