Guildhouse Go Green!

With climate change and an everchanging ecosystem, it is important that we look after our environment not only in Guildhouse School, but also in the outside world too.

London is a vibrant and beautiful location, with 3000 parks of varying sizes designated by boroughs as “Public Open Space”, London is considered a green city. However, like many other cities around the world, one issue that arises throughout the hustle and bustle is litter, which can have a negative effect on the surroundings.

Guildhouse School team up with Camden Council

Guildhouse School have teamed up with Camden Council to assist in a litter picking event for our local park: Bloomsbury Square!

All equipment was kindly provided by the council, with teachers tackling the litter on Tuesday, and on Wednesday and Friday the students teamed up together to help out. The event was a great opportunity to support the local community, and promote the green spaces that we have throughout London.

A big thank you to all of our staff and students who attended, and we look forward to finding more
ways to help our local community in the future!

At Guildhouse School we are incredibly proud of our location and the community that surrounds us. Being in the centre of the exclusive Bloomsbury area – the heart of academic and literary London, students become immersed in London’s enterprising culture which celebrates and rewards high achievers.