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Guildhouse Mathletes Take Part in Inter-school Maths Challenge 

A group of Guildhouse School’s best mathematicians hopped on a train out of London and across the country to Northampton to take part in an inter-school maths challenge. The challenge was hosted by Bosworth Independent School in Northampton. The team from Guildhouse school were not only up against the hosts, but also a group of students from CATS Cambridge.  

This is the second year of the Inter-school Maths Challenge, and Guildhouse School were the 2023 trophy holder. That morning the team delivered the trophy to Bosworth Independent School and hoped to leave with it once again. 

The team, which consisted of first year A Level students Viet and Sasha, and final year A Level students Abdelhaq and Polina. 

The competition comprises of two challenges. The first is a ‘CrossNumber’ round, which is like a crossword, but with numbers. Each school split into two teams as each of these school teams would only receive half of the clues – across or down. Each team relies on their counterparts from their school to fill in the gaps which they need to finish the puzzle. 

The second challenge is the Shuttle Round. This sees teams solving maths problems and passing it to the other half of their team, who have to solve their answer and pass it back. This is an excellent competition for those who like the pressure and collaboration that is required to succeed.

While the Guildhouse School team performed at a very high level, the final scores came down to a couple of points between the home team of Bosworth Independent School and CATS Cambridge. 

Bosworth Independent School won with a score of 93 point, whereas CATS Cambridge achieved 91 points. Guildhouse School clocked in at 73 

Our first year A Level students will be returning to the competition next year. With the full intention of bringing the trophy back home to Guildhouse School in London. 

Thanks again to Bosworth Independent School and for the students and staff who made the day possible.  

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Our students built their collaboration, team working and mathematical skills during the maths challenge. The skills learnt here will serve them well at university and beyond.