Guildhouse School Rings In An Auspicious Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is a big yearly celebration which takes place across Asia although countries around the world partake in the 15 day event. Lunar New Year begins with the first New Moon of the Lunar Calendar and continues until the first Full Moon of the cycle appears.

To mark the beginning of the celebrations Guildhouse School was filled with vibrant decorations, immersing the student in the spirit of the festivities. We had intricate paper lanterns gently swaying overhead and colourful posters filled with auspicious symbols, such as dragons and luck filling our corridors.

The celebrations brought our school community together. Students who already celebrate Lunar New Year shared their customs and traditions with their peers, while students excitedly took part in the activities and savoured the delicious treats that were served up. They were most eager to discover their fortunes and wasted no time cracking into their fortune cookies to discover an uplifting message.

Each student wrote down their hopes and aspirations for the coming year. Then, they hung these hopes on the branches of the Guildhouse School wishing tree with aim of bringing themselves success and fortune in the upcoming year.

Our students connected and celebrated with each other throughout the day, finding particular delight in the games we were running. Chopstick Challenge, a humble dexterity test where students picked up a chickpea with chopsticks, proved the very popular. Other hits were Work Puzzle, where teams of students worked collaboratively to solve puzzles and Whats On Your Phone, a game where you needed to identify fun items, symbols or phrases through the clues on their phone.

Wheel of Luck proved the favourite game as there were lots of prizes up for grabs – from a games ticket to a delicious delicacy, every spin of the wheel saw a sense of anticipation fill the room. Although it quickly dissipated when a prize was won, replaced by cheers.

Lunar New Year at Guildhouse School was a resounding success, students got the chance to immerse themselves in the festive merriment, whether it was their first time celebrating lunar new year or their eighteenth! All of the food, activities and games were a real chance for the Guildhouse Community to come together and gain a deeper appreciation of the cultures and traditions that make up the festivities. Not only did the celebrations foster a deeper sense of cultural understanding and appreciation across the school but also create lasting memories and bonds among students enriching their experience here at Guildhouse School in the most delightful way possible.

Lunar New Year at Guildhouse School

By sharing the traditions and celebrations of events like Lunar New Year we are able to enrich our school community and foster a safe, inclusive and diverse school environment.