Step into the Shoes of our Staff and Teachers – What it is like to Work at Guildhouse School!

We want to empower students to positively impact the world!

At Guildhouse School, staff create an immersive, exciting and educational environment that encourages creativity and unique ideas.

Our staff share their enthusiasm for learning and inspire students with their passion every day. This takes shape in the lessons they teach, the advice they give and the conversations they have.

Guildhouse School is home to students and staff from a wide mix of cultures and backgrounds. Everyone contributes their own distinctive perspectives and ideas to life at our school, which is what makes it such a wonderful place to be!

So, we asked our faculty, what is the best thing about working and teaching at Guildhouse School?

‘It’s a cliché, but the best thing is inspiring young minds. They will be the next generation of world leaders, so it’s great helping them to make a success of themselves and do what they want to achieve.’

Gemma Gouyette, Curriculum Director

‘The best thing is putting a smile on the students’ faces every day. Seeing them every morning, making sure I greet them at the gate and say good morning. I make sure they see someone who smiles at them every single day.’

Ahmed Mohammed, Pastoral Director

‘The best thing is the impact you have on students. You are having an impact on the future generation. For those students who find it difficult to learn, you get to see how much they grow between the beginning and the end of the year.’

Marzana Hoque, Teacher of Business Studies

‘The best thing here is the diversity in staff, having not had that in previous jobs. Also, the location!’

Marilyn Gentle-Walsh, Diversity Lead

‘The best thing about my role is that every day is different. Being Project and Outcomes Lead means I always have little projects going on, for example this chat! Other projects range from changing building rooms to looking at data. I also make sure students can achieve what they want to achieve, so that might be a university outcome or course that is best for them.’

Chris Cernuschi, Assistant Principal – Projects and Outcomes

‘Well, I was an international student myself. I moved to the UK 13 years ago to go to university. So, I like working with students who are beginning their international journey.’

Nicholas Ellsworth, Student Services Officer

Every day, the Guildhouse School’s staff play a crucial role in helping the students in their care to achieve the best possible outcomes. They nurture students’ intuition, creativity and ability to make an impact. This helps them develop into insightful, confident and resourceful change makers, who will go on to shape the world.

Button At Guildhouse our dedicated team of staff aim to ensure students have the best possible experience of living and studying in the UK. They provide them with outstanding educational and pastoral support to aid their academic progression and holistic development. Throughout the year, staff run lots of events, trips and activities to enhance the student experience at Guildhouse School.