Tips for Avoiding Exam Stress

Exams are an important part of our lives but they usually leave us feeling a bit stressed. This often happens because we become so caught up in studying that we forget to look after our well-being!

Being mindful about our emotions is one of the best ways to tackle the negative feelings that can occur during exams. It helps us manage our anxiety around them and understand when to give ourselves a rest.

Our students, who are currently studying for their own exams, shared their tips for dealing with exam stress:

‘Please revise and just get rid of the things that are going to provoke extra stress on top of your exam. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.’

Yzenn from Angola

‘Organise your timetable and manage your time properly.’

Polina from Ukraine

‘Remember failure isn’t the end of the world.’

Kseniia from Ukraine 

‘Time management! Find techniques to help level the stress.’

Mokhalad from Iraq & The Caribbean

‘Get enough sleep and have a good breakfast.’ 

Ahmed from Libya 

Remember, rest and self-care looks different for everyone so it’s important to learn what works for you! If exams start to feel overwhelming, that’s a strong sign you need to take a break and allow yourself to rest. Sometimes looking after ourselves is as simple as taking a moment to reflect on our feelings and breathe.

Check out our Mental Health Awareness Week page for more tips and resources to help you to better understand and support your mental health. 

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