How to become a successful leader

Being a good leader is not just about telling people what to do. As a school that aims to create tomorrow’s Change Makers, Guildhouse aims to provide an education environment where any idea is encouraged and students are empowered to positively change the world. Through our emphasis on developing personal intuition, creativity and impact, Guildhouse School students are able to gain the skills needed to become effective leaders. 

Top tips from an expert 

All industries need successful leaders. Our Director of Guildhouse Business School, Mr Naresh Sonpar, who has previously worked in the City of London as a Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager and Trader, gave us his top three tips on what makes for a successful business leader! 

Have a Strong Vision of what you want to achieve 

This can be achieved by setting short, medium and long-term objectives.  If you are thinking about studying a particular degree at university for example what are the steps you need to take in order to achieve your target. 

Have Passion in what you are doing 

Be excited about what you are learning and experiencing.  This helps in motivating others in sharing your vision especially when it comes to working in teams. 

Embrace Diversity 

Listen and work with people from different backgrounds, cultures, socio-economic groups and neurodivergence. When doing group work, you need to collaborate with others who think differently to you. This encourages new ideas and solutions to challenges.  

A great leader needs to develop a lot of skills and be able to work in harmony with people. It’s a lot to learn – but these tips from Naresh are a fantastic starting point for any student wanting to become a successful leader and change maker!

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