Tips to improve your creative problem-solving skills

Being able to solve a problem or see something in a completely new way, are the most valuable skills for those who want to achieve. One of our main goals at Guildhouse School is to encourage all our students to think creatively and look at problems in a completely new way. This allows our students to become change makers and stand out in whichever career they decide to explore.  

Being able to provide innovative solutions through creative problem solving is a skill that many universities and business will look for in students and potential employees. Here are our top three tips to improve the way you approach solving a problem 

Understanding other perspectives  

Remember, everyone is different! Viewing a situation from another’s perspective can be one of the easiest ways to solve a problem creatively. Often, we can forget to see something from someone else’s point of view, and this could provide you with an outlook that you may not have considered before. It’s important to understand how the problem you are trying to solve will affect everyone, not just yourself, in order to come up with the best solution for all involved. 

Question the norm  

Often, people can become attached to a way of doing things because of previous successes. Sometimes, particularly if you are new to something, questioning standard practice and offering solutions that may not have been tried before is a great way to encourage brainstorming and solve a problem creatively. So don’t be afraid to suggest something just because it’s an out of the box idea!  

Treat everything as a lesson  

Don’t be afraid to get things wrong or try things that may not work. Everything you do should be treated as a learning experience, and not every decision you make will result in success. If something doesn’t work, learn from it and use it to your advantage the next time you face a challenge.  

We hope these tips have helped you to think creatively when solving your next problem, it is a fantastic skill to have when trying to impress universities admissions boards and future employers!

Guildhouse School is a boarding school in Central London for ages 15+ that provides an immersive environment for ideas and creativity, where students are empowered to make a positive impact on our world.